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Common Questions
These are some common questions that you might have as a buyer or seller.
Paradigm can answer any of your questions or concerns regarding your
Real Estate needs. Colorado Springs Real Estate and New Home Building
is our specialty, and we are sure that you will be satisfied with our knowledge
and positive attitude. You can contact us here with any questions.

Can you determine the current value of your house?
How much will advertising cost?
Who will answer the calls and what information will they give?
Can you describe everything your home has to offer?
What kind of sign will you post in your yard?

Can you explain mortgage arrangements to your buyer?
Can you determine if the buyer has proper financing to make a
down payment and continue monthly mortgage payments?
Which local lenders offer the best terms?
Can your existing mortgage be assumed?
Does it have a prepayment penalty?
Who will be responsible for holding the buyer’s deposit?

Keeping Legal:
Do you have a contract that covers all legal requirements?
Are your best interests expressed in the contract?
Do you have a lawyer to advise you?
Are you able to properly disclose defects in compliance with
state laws, preventing future liability to your buyer?
Who will negotiate expenses such as closing costs, title insurance,
transfer fees, escrow charges, and attorney costs?

The Final Sale:
Are you able to handle local title settlement closing procedures?
How will the final paperwork be done, old loans paid off, liens
cleared, and documents recorded?
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